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Terrasil IPL Relief

Safe, all-natural Terrasil Itch, Papule and Lesion Relief ointment helps ​even sensitive skin to restore natural skin health, all without ​irritation.(3) It stops redness and itch to help ​ease discomfort.(1) Terrasil is a homeopathic solution that puts control back in your hands, and restores the confidence that comes with healthier skin. Best of all, it is backed by a worry-free, money-back guarantee, so what have you got to lose?

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Terrasil IPL Relief

Helps Restore Healthy Skin and Stop Irritation


M​C is common and highly contagious, but most often considered a self-limited condition that will eventually cease on its own, but's always best to seek a doctor's advice. The irritation from skin bumps it produces can be long-lasting, and waiting endlessly for relief is frustrating. Terrasil is an all-natural ointment designed to ​help with irritating symptoms. It's soothing and gentle, but powerful.(3) 

Our all-natural active ingredient facilitates the skin restoration. Terrasil nourishes and protects sensitive skin, helping to make recovery easier.(1) 

Powerful Ingredients Target Outbreaks and Deliver Symptom Relief

Power of Nature

The Power of Nature

The natural ingredients featured in Terrasil have therapeutic qualities that have been recognized in skin healing for centuries. 

Terrasil blends the finest natural, organic and homeopathic ingredients for soothing relief that's 100% painless.(3) 

Power of Science

The Power of Science

Terrasil is meticulously formulated; a result of a decade of scientific research in skincare. 

After rigorous testing in our certified GMP facility, we have proudly created a formula to deliver calming relief to customers worldwide.(1) 

Activated Minerals

Activated Minerals

Terrasil’s positively-charged Activated Minerals® targets negatively-charged microbes for more efficient delivery of the active ingredient, Thuja Occidentalis, which replenishes and ​promotes healthier-looking skin.(1) 

Risk Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Terrasil IPL Relief is made by Aidance Skincare. We can not guarantee results, as they may vary from person to person. But we will happily refund your money if you don't see the results you are looking for. Less than 3% of our customers request their money back, however the relief process is slightly different for each person. If, after using our product, you are dissatisfied with its effectiveness in any way, you have a full 90 days (3 months) to return it and request a no-hassle refund.*

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Our Terrasil IPL Relief formula is not intended to treat ​MC or the underlying virus. The product can be used to care for sensitive skin and provide relief for skin that has been irritated and inflamed with papules and lesions. Always consult your physician for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.