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Molluscum can be a frustrating condition! We've helped many parents and customers who have struggled with molluscum, and have found relief with Terrasil.(1) We're confident that we can help your family through this, too.

If you have questions or would like assistance, please contact our Customer Support team at 401-432-7750 or

Calling from outside the United States? Please reach us by phone at 1-781-989-9586.

(It's important to note that we are not health care professionals. Terrasil is not a cure, and it will stop the spread of molluscum. Only a medical professional can diagnose you with molluscum, and recommend the proper course of treatment. We are here to help you with symptom relief.)​(1)

Our Terrasil IPL Relief formula is not intended to treat ​MC or the underlying virus. The product can be used to care for sensitive skin and provide relief for skin that has been irritated and inflamed with papules and lesions. Always consult your physician for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.